Women's Rights Advocate
AHA Foundation

Amanda Mejia is the Senior Director and CFO of the AHA Foundation, an organization working to protect women and girls from harmful cultural practices in the United States. After beginning her career on Wall Street, Amanda traded the world of profit for the world of ideas, focusing her energies on making the U.S. a safer place to be female.

Ms. Mejia has worked with survivors of honor violence to help them find protection, and has facilitated trainings on honor violence, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation with more than 2,000 guidance counselors, law enforcement, service providers and other professionals likely to encounter survivors and at-risk individuals.

Her work at AHA includes encouraging legislators to put in place policies combatting culturally-sanctioned abuse; she has successfully advocated for dozens of federal and state bills passed into law.

Amanda knows first-hand the power of mentorship, having personally benefitted from the guidance of strong women leaders. She lives in South Beach, soaking up the rich culture of Miami with her husband and their two pups.



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